Assessment and Reporting

The assessment process at Kingsville is ongoing and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and depth of understanding of the curriculum.


Assessment is not purely focused on the end product or on test results. Assessment is used by teachers to help direct the learning program so that it best meets the needs of students. Assessment is also used as a learning tool where students reflect on and monitor their learning to inform their future learning goals.


Kingsville has developed assessment schedules in English and Mathematics that outline both assessment requirements mandated by the government ie Naplan, and other assessments determined at the school level.


The AusVELS website, provides a complete set of achievement standards for assessment and reporting.


Portfolios form a significant part of the assessment process. Portfolios are collections of children’s work and are designed to demonstrate successes, growth, higher order thinking, creativity and reflection.


Student Led Conferences are an integral part of the reporting process. These conferences involve students using their portfolios to assist them in sharing and discussing their work with their parents. The students provide information to clarify what they have learnt, how they have learnt it and what challenges they faced.


The reporting to parents cycle involves a parent/teacher conference at the end of term one, a written report at the end of term 2 and 4, and student led conference in term 3.