Student Voice

At Kingsville Primary School we acknowledge that Student Voice is a powerful driver to motivate learning. We strongly believe that students having a voice is important at both a local and global level. The opportunity to be heard and be involved as key stakeholders ensures that view points from a range of representative students are heard and this in turn leads to more informed decision making. Through leadership positions, Junior School Council membership, and participation in the Action Group students are able to access authentic opportunities to develop a voice.



Grade 2 (focusing on making parents feel a part of our community in Parent Partnerships)

Milla, Julian, Ewan, Oliver, Scarlet, Emerson, Maddie and Tom


Grade 3 (supporting students to become inquirers)

Sophie, Wilfred, Ava, Finley, Milly, Quinn, Lucas and Bol


Grade 4 (helping us all learn how to look after the environment)

Daniel, Kate, Harriet, Jevon, Nate and Sylvie


Grade 5 (making sure all students feel a part of our community)

William, Hadlee, Luxe, Olivia, Phoenix and Hollie


Grade 6 (building their leadership skills to support the students, parents and teacher)

Grace, Saul, Maddie, Annika, Edith and Alex



The vision of Student Voice members is to make Kingsville a happy place for everyone in our community (parents, staff, students and families)