Junior School Council

At Kingsville, student voice can be heard in a variety of ways, including through student representative councils (SRC). The form that the SRC takes can be different from year to year depending on the goals and priorities of the school. In 2018 The Junior School Council will be student-led, with action arising from group inquiry. The students will be loosely divided into 2 interest-based sub-committees, focusing on Buildings and Grounds, and Fundraising, with a guiding committee of senior students who will run the meetings, take minutes, and communicate proposed action with the teachers. 


We envisage that these mixed aged groups of committed and enthusiastic students will work cooperatively to make change in our school, our community and the global community.


We commend the students in the Junior School Council for volunteering to participate in this program, and for being open minded and willing to act as change agents.



Grade/Representative/Deputy Representative


FEE       James C              Alice DM

FCW      Bastian B            Delilah S

FCM       Mia K                 Ella T

FDG      William H            Ellissa M

FLI        Cassandra P        Gabe M   

1SH       Teddy E              Hazel B

1JH        Caitlin W            Sydney B

1JG        Phoenix V           Isabelle O

2AT        Audrey L            Rose B

2LB        Charlie C            Nina S

2GJ        Harvey G            Eila Mc

2RT        Chloe A              Charlotte W

34A        Bello Y               Molly S

34M       James J              Essie H

34T        Hana D              Mae K

34S        Eliza L               Dane D

34K        Lalu G                Maddie B

34G        Nina G               Ann L

34H        Seniani C           Ava A

5AO       Herbie G             Jake MI

6SE        Eva J                 Lachlann S

6MM       Ermias M           Hadlee K

6JD        Ava L                 Jude F