Junior School Council

At Kingsville, student voice can be heard in a variety of ways, including through student representative councils (SRC). The form that the SRC takes can be different from year to year depending on the goals and priorities of the school. This year student voice will encompass the voice of every student in every level as we link to our AIP initiative of 'Empowering students and building school pride.'


The move to integrate every level in the role of student voice will begin this year. Through reflection and experience we expect our students and staff will develop their capacities to engage in their level responsibilities in the coming years.


Each year level is taking on a unique responsibility within the school that links directly to building school pride within our broader school community. As your child progresses through the school they will adopt the responsibilities for the given level. Each year they will look forward to accepting greater responsibility in building our Kingsville culture.


The level responsibilities are as follows:


  • Foundation: Local community engagement
  • Level 1: Global community engagement
  • Level 2: Parent Partnerships
  • Level 3: Supporting inquirers
  • Level 4: Sustainability
  • Level 5: Student engagement
  • Level 6: Leadership


Each level has one student representative council member who will be responsible for sharing their level's successes in our student representative council meetings and to the whole of the school community.



These members are:


Level 2 - Julian

Level 3 - Sophie

Level 4 -Daniel

Level 5 -Hadlee

Level 6 -Saul